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Cheap Jerseys or a vintage (30th Aug 16 at 12:30am UTC)
? Welcome back everyone Cheap NHL Jerseys , to another TNA report. I?m going to start this off with addressing a comment that was made last week, other than you guys telling me I did a good job. Thanks by the way! Very Happy I watch other wrestling first off, and TNA is my favorite. However, that won?t ever stop me from bashing people and stories that I don?t like or telling exactly what I think of the current show. If they put on a bad show, believe me, I?m going to be the one to tell you, and if they run too many promos, I?m get mad at them. That doesn?t mean I hate them. What good does it do you readers if I give a totally biased opinion of the show? Now then, on with the show. Preview: Beer Money vs. Jethro Holiday & Eric Young (3 D Invitational) Suicide vs. Consequences Creed (Non Title Match) Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky (Stretcher Match) Main Event Mafia vs. The Frontline (10 Man War) The show starts of in a very shocking manner, with the MEM. Kurt starts off continuing the rose metaphor from last week Cheap NFL Jerseys , and that last week he kicked Mick?s ass. What? Hmm, I remember it differently. He informs Foley that he is in the main event at Sacrifice, and then talks about the 10 Man War. Then he calls out Foley, and he tells Kurt that the match is about a show of power for the Frontline. Mick thought he was untouchable until last week, and yes, he?s still talking about his stitches. Kurt brings up that he won a Gold Medal with a broken neck. And like him or not, Kurt is a great wrestler, and it took some major balls to do that back in ?96. Then Mick tells Kurt that he will be the Godfather after Sacrifice, and JJ and AJ come out. Foley tells Jarrett that it was never personal, only business. JJ responds as expected Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , and tells Foley to kiss his ass. Kurt then asks, ?Can?t we all just get along?? Wow. Some great lines here. Kurt just won the John Madden award for the week. Backstage, Samoa ?Taz 2.0? Joe gets dropped off by someone. Wonder who? MMG & Danials promo. Match 1: Suicide vs. Consequences Creed (Non Title) Ok we start of with some quick holds and counters. Suicide gains the advantage, backs him into the corner and lays some head butts and clotheslines, and then an STO takedown. And throughout the match we are forced to listen to Don West accusing Suicide of being Danials. Creed takes advantage with a swinging neck breaker. Suicide and Creed battle with jabs, then Suicide dropkicks him, and then does his rolling samoan drop. Goes for the Suicide Solution and misses, and Creed hit?s a Trouble in Paradise. Suicide takes him to corner and does a mix between Jeff Hardy?s turnbuckle dropkick and a Codebreaker. Looked sweet. Winner: Suicide Good fast paced match. Two weeks in a row TNA starts with a great X Division Match. Match Rating: 710 Foley Promo The Stuttering Steroid Machine is back with Foley. What came out of this is Morgan wants to prove himself to the Mafia. Mick gives him a match against MEM Security. We come back to Lauren and 23?s of the Beautiful People. Loading gun?muzzle in mouth?please don?t say something stupid. Velvet is freaking out, and Love tells her to calm down. She beat Kong, so you can too. Then Velvet said what I was thinking. Um Cheap Jerseys From China , no you didn?t. You beat Taylor Wilde. Love says?(grr)?Wilde, Kong. Same thing. My gun just jammed. Luckily I don?t have to take a second shot, the promos over. MEM and Tenay promo. Kurt said love way too much. Lauren is with Wilde now, and they start talking about Wilde?s secret admirer. She has a date on Tuesday and Lauren agrees to go with her. Why this was necessary, I can?t tell you. JB is with Jarrett in a locker room, and asks him what he?s going to do about Mick Foley. JJ asks him to leave. That was underlined because he is the OWNER of TNA. He is in a locker room? Then JB asks Jeff what happened to his office? Jeff flips and JB runs. Match 2: MEM Security vs. Matt Morgan Not much really happened. We just saw Morgan be dominant. We saw him choke slam big Rocko. I think Mike Tenay confused him with Kevin Nash, because they were talking about him missing time with a staph infection in his elbow. Big dropkick to Rocko and a Carbon Footprint to Sallyboy. Winner: Matt Morgan Match Rating: 510. Just for the sheer power in this match. JB is with Mick Foley. Mick says he may need to tweak his match, and wants JB to get the word out. JB says he can twitter his tweet. Wow such a kissass. Foley goes crazy and sounds like Cactus Jack a lot. He says that Jeff?s guitar causes too many problems and he?s banning it from ringside. I?m hoping he doesn?t have a split personality angle going. Lauren is with EY and Holliday. Nothing important. Just whining. 3 D comes out to call the Invitational match with Tenay and West. They call Beer Money the tag team of the future. Match 3: Beer Money vs. Eric Young and Trevor Murdoch Starts off with Roode and Young. Some holds and counters, then Roode throws EY to his corner, and Storm kicks him into the back of the head Cheap China Jerseys , and then Roode spine busters him. Nicely done. Tenay mentions that JR recently said that there are no really hot tag teams. Maybe in WWE, but in TNA, tag team is going strong. One more reason I love TNA. Anywho, back in the ring, Beer Money suplex to EY. Roode throws Eric into the corner, who flips over and lands on the apron, shoulder to Roode and flip over. Eric tags in Holliday, Roode tags Storm, and Holliday starts cleaning house. Roode gets him from behind, and throws him into the ropes Cheap Jerseys , blind tag by Young, and a springboard double dropkick to Beer Money. He hit?s a big leg drop on Storm. Murdoch almost hits Eric, and while distracted, Storm gets up, EY turns, and?Last Call!!! Then Roode comes in and does a sick double team finisher called the D.W.I. I missed what it stood more. Can someone tell me? Anyway? Winners: Beer Money Really good tag match Match Rating: 810 Lauren is back with Kong and Saeed.
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