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Kai's Will (27th May 10 at 8:39am UTC)
This is the story behind the statue of Kai, known as Kai's Will.

Long ago, there were two tribes in the land of Cresthallow. The tribes fought over expansion and the rights of the lake. One tribe was on Elkfork Grove and the other rested on the lakefront. The two tribes were both much alike and yet very different, which led to a war between the two.

The Elkfork Grove tribe were hunters, mainly hunting the elk of the land. These people prospered when the rains were rich, but, had a difficult time when the Grove flooded one year, and they moved to higher land. They looked at the lakefront tribe with envy, not touched by the flood.

The lakefront tribe, known by the name of Cresthallow, the name of the land. They have rested on the front of the lake for as long as they could remember, surrounded by the beauty that created the crest, mountains, forest and the lake.

Elkfork wanted direct access to the lake, that Cresthallow was now surrounding the stable lakefront. The back of the lake is rocky, the sides flood too easily, and the wildlife protect them too well. Cresthallow was on the best of the lake's land. The people of Cresthallow allowed Elkfork access to the lake, to fish, and access to their stores.

Cresthallow showed great kindness to their neighbor. But, the people of Elkfork Grove wanted more. They wanted Cresthallow. At first, they negotiated the merger of the two tribes to become one, but Cresthallow would not give up their ideals to go to the life of being hunters.

Elkfork attacked. At first they were simple attacks from random punches and soon escalating to buildings burning down. It then escalated to murder. Important tribe members were disappearing, never to be seen again.

Cresthallow grew furious, and prepared to attack back with all their wrath. But, the tribes matched one another. If they both continued to fight, none would be left. The valley of Cresthallow was no longer big enough for both of the people.

A woman named Kai from Elkfork Grove's tribe grew furious at the fighting. The greed and envy split the people apart. Kai believed the land of the lake was rightfully the lakefront tribe's. She believed Cresthallow acted honorably at first, but her tribe did not.

Kai was a renowned fighter, her father learned the art of blacksmithing from the Eastern people. She grew up being the best, and surprising all of the land and tribes far beyond. Kai truly believed in peace, even though she showed power as the greatest hunter that the lands of Cresthallow have ever seen. She stood overlooking the lake for hours at a time, deep in thought. She was torn between the two fates of the people of the land. Tears fell from her eyes each time she stood at the lake's shore.

One day, she was seen by locals of both tribes standing overlooking the lake with tears down her eyes. It was no question, there was to be a battle on the land she was standing. The leader of the Elkfork Grove tribe was there.

Kai ran to the leader of the Elkfork Grove and threaten him, telling him to leave the land and to never return. The leader refused, Kai gutted him with her sword, as tears rolled down her cheeks. His last word carried over to Kai whom never forgot it with a heavy heart, "Traitor" and he spat on her with his last breath.

The other men of Elkfork took Kai's warning and left Cresthallow forevermore. Kai was hailed as a hero.

Today, Kai is seen by the town of Cresthallow as a everliving hero. She is seen as a mythological tale by many. The people of Cresthallow built a statue and a fountain on the very spot she stood overlooking the lake with tears falling from her eyes.

The well is a crucial part of the town's hope and dreams. A tradition started at the time of the building of the fountain. People wrote their name, hopes and dream on a piece of paper and folded it into a boat. The boat was pushed in the water and floated for a while before it sunk, and the people hoped that Kai will see it, and hoped that God would lead them in the right direction.

However, sometimes a boat was picked up and the note was read by another person. The other person tried their best to grant the dream, or to help the spread of hope in the person, providing it was possible. Money changed hands, food showed up at doorsteps with the note left as the reason.

The town was close knitted, and nobody looked upon the help in shame, at all. In the late 20th century more shops and towns were opened, and the teenagers became a higher shopper population. They used the will as a means for extra money. The shopkeepers picked up some boats and gave out deals, coupons or even money to help the teens to keep coming to the shops. It drove business to stay in town.

The bank did the same, as a minor investment into the economy in sluggish times. Adults with extra money took gave away some money to kids. It circulated the town. It became a viral habit for teenagers, however gossip would arise if a certain teenager became greedy, and others wouldn't be so willing to give money in the future.

After a few years of the tradition spreading amongst the teenagers, the shopkeepers devised a solution. On the stand of white paper, they put another stack of paper of a different color. The colored paper was to be used by the teenagers, so the residents would know it was a teenage request. Soon, another colored entered the stacks.

The white paper was for hope. The blue paper was for dreams. The red paper was for the teenagers money requests.

The tradition of giving and helping one in times of needs or to reach their dreams was inspired by the life of the lady, Kai. Kai was a caring and helpful person throughout her entire life. The people of Cresthallow carried on the tradition.
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