Today, what a lovely day in Cresthallow. Your character can stroll through the town, being who he is and just living out his life. Met a new friend? Take a look five years into the future; or step back in time ten.

Here at Timeless role plays happen during any period of time during your characters life. Join us and set your history into stone.

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Board-Wide Stuff (28th May 10 at 1:32am UTC)
Please read. Rules and stuff. :].
There is no set year of this role play, the only set rule of time is that your character must still be alive and at least 13 years old. However, you can only role play with people in time frames of your choosing, and that person has to be alive during that frame.

-) Keep pure OoC (Out of Character) talk to Out of Character boards.
-) No one liners in role play boards, a paragraph is requested for each post.
-) No sexual scenes. You can say "they had sex", etc, but do not describe it in pure detail.
-) This is a Character Per Account board, each character should have their own account.
-) There is no current limit on amount of characters one can have.
-) Signatures may not stretch the board or be higher then 250 pixels.
-) Signatures may link to outside sites, we don't care what you link to as long as it pertains to the above rules.
-) There is no block on sexuality on this board, be what your character is naturally.
-) Please read Timeline Explained to understand how the time lapse system works.
-) Your character is NOT an observer as stated in Timeline Explained, you ARE your character, you ARE shaping history. You just need to keep it consistent.
-) Your character must be at least 13 years old as of TODAY'S in real life date.
-) If the 'Time Frame' field is not filled in, the thread will be considered taking place in modern day.

The next part is optional to read, but can hold valuable information.

Future Expansions:
Wonder what the expansion of this game will be? We are still developing our plot, hell, we really don't have a set plot. We have events in different periods of times, such as a festival in the 90s, or a tournament in 5 years in the future.

Expansions are generally shops being added, but as the board grows more active homes will be unlocked, and possibly other places to visit as per request.


Are you curious of the lore behind Cresthallow? What made this city what it is today? Interesting things from the past? We are still developing the lore around Cresthallow, and interesting things can popup time to time. Check out our Lore board.

Kai's Will:

Every so often a thread will open up in Kai's Tears made by a player requesting money, or be just a paper with their character's hope, dream or wish written upon it. Other characters (like you) can go in and grant it. This is an entirely optional place. But however, only one request per month! Nothing outrageous or it won't be granted either!
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