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Timeline Explained - Posted By Ash (admin) on 27th May 10 at 2:00am
Have you ever fell in love with your character and wanted to see what they'd be like in six months? A year? Five years?

Have you ever played a past memory in your head in vivid detail?

Have you ever day dreamed of a possible future outcome of your character?

Your character can stroll through the town, being who he is and just living out his life. Became friends with someone? Take a look five years into the future; or step back in time ten. Or even see what the relationship was like a few years ago when they were enemies.

Here at Timeless we allow you to step directly into the time line as the writer and reader and experience at first hand events of the characters we vividly create throughout their lifetime.

The characters live out their lifespans normally, we just as the readers and writers step in, and create these events for them at times of our choosing. Basically we "drop in" on certain parts of a character's life.

However there is a catch. Firstly; your character must be alive on today's date (for example: right now in June 2010, etc). Secondly; your character must be at least 13 years old as of today's date in real life. Thirdly; events that happen end up becoming history.

For example, if Perry Lenard broke his leg in late July 1997, he cannot compete in an swim meet in early August 1997. Times remain consistent. However, administrators do look over minor facts and changes. Big things such as body parts being lost or major surgeries are generally not overlooked.

All role play boards have a field when creating a topic asking you to enter in a time frame. Please enter at least the month and the year of which the thread takes place. If left blank, it would be presumed the date it was posted. When a time frame is posted, a thread listing will display like:


Any questions, feel free to ask a staff member!