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Notes - Posted By Ash (admin) on 27th May 10 at 4:29pm
You may start role playing as soon as you post your biography.

If you do not complete your entire biography, it is okay, as we're aware that some people have trouble with it. We ask you complete as much as you can.

Keeping this short, as those long applications with code words are boring. Smiley

+ Title your thread with your character's first and last name.
+ Your character may not have any supernatural power, this board is real life based. Your character can't travel in time either. Please check out Timeline Explained
+ Please do not reference other existing characters as family without approval from them.
+ Any questions feel free to ask in our Feedback Forum.
+ You DO not need to copy/paste the template. Pressing 'new thread' should automatically have the template copy/pasted into your post. :].

Under Occupation please list the group you'd like. :]. Local, Teenager, or Shopkeeper