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Protocol - Posted By Mayme Shieldheart (mayme) on 27th May 10 at 7:49pm
The Bank Protocol is very simple!

Description of the bank:

The bank is a large building, however, the part of which a guest can walk in is small. Upon opening the glass doors to the bank one will notice the floor is all marble. The counters are made out of stones. There are even a few desks.

Generally a person will go to the counter and talk with Mayme Shieldheart.

Opening an account:

Please create a new thread walking up to the counter, and asking to create an account, and wait for Mayme to respond.

As an incentive to open an account a user will be granted $1000.00!


Please create a new thread of your character walking up to the counter and waiting for a banker to respond. Then request to deposit or withdraw. The banker will ask your character questions, please answer them.

As an incentive to withdraw money, an additional $25 will be added to each withdrawal over $250.

As an incentive to deposit money, a monthly interest of 12% will be ADDED to each account plus an additional $25 for each deposit of $250 or more.

Time Frame:

Mayme Started working here in 1994. Times before that will be an "npc".